Our hiring process

We strive to be both efficient and transparent throughout our recruiting process. Our whole recruiting process typically takes around 1-3 weeks - depending on the position you are applying for.

Step 1

Schicke deine Bewerbung

Whether you found us or we found you, our goal is to match your dream career with one of our opportunities.

Step 2

Screening interview

A short 30min video interview with a member of our leadership team to get to know you better and answer your initial questions about Gronda and the position.

Step 3


Depending on the role, you have the opportunity to showcase your skills. Be it in a coding challenge, with an impactful social media post or a short video.

Step 4.1.

CV interview

1.5-2.5 hours deep-dive into your CV. What did you work on before, what were the results, what went well and what were setbacks. Who did you work with...?

This will give us a detailed picture of your background and at the same time we can show you where there are similarities and differences to your potential new role at Gronda.

Of course there is also time for all your questions

Step 4.2.

Focus interview

Depending on the role, there are either directly on the same day of the CV interview or one day after 1-2 focus interviews.

The aim is to deepen our discussion about technical topics and for you to get to know some of your potential future team members. At the same time, it is about giving you an insight into the daily working life at Gronda.


Step 5

Optional - reference call

Depending on the role, the final part of our selection process is the reference call. These calls with your former leads, colleagues or team members complete the overall picture.