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We want to solve one of the biggest challenges of the hospitality industry: the lack of qualified talents

We want to solve one of the biggest problems of the hotel and restaurant industry: the lack of skilled workers. Through our platform and app, professionals from the industry can exchange inspiration and knowledge, improve their skills and take the next step in their careers. Our partners from the upscale hotel and restaurant industry have access to the best employees and can present themselves as employers. You can think of it as a mix of LinkedIn and Instagram, but for the F&B industry. As a result, we already have the largest professional community in the hospitality industry in the German-speaking area. Now Europe is on the agenda and then the worldwide expansion.

You can think of it as a mix of LinkedIn and Instagram, but for the F&B industry. As a result, we already operate the largest professional network in the hospitality industry in German-speaking countries. Now it's time for Europe and then global expansion.

What does working at Gronda really look like?

Yes, we also have a kicker, cool team events, healthy food and flexible holiday times. But what makes working at Gronda really special are the following four things:


It is the team which makes Gronda successful. Together we grow, achieve, learn, party, argue, fail, revolutionize and dream. United by our vision.


The feeling to really make a difference with your work: priceless. We don't just talk about vision, we live it. Not perfectly yet, but a little bit better every day.


Your topic, your responsability. The team helps you wherever they can, but you make the decisions. No coporate bullshit, but real personal growth.


Responsibility comes with freedom. Decide about your working location and time to achieve your goals. Shape your role, try out new things, live your passion.

How does the work place look like?

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol and also the largest city in the Alps. Our main office is located just outside Innsbruck in the 'Werkstätte Wattens'. Once Swarovski was founded in this very place, today it is a business incubator and home to the most innovative start-ups in the region. (Have a look).

!!For our further international expansion we are also in the process of opening a small office in Barcelona. More about this soon !!!

What other benefits does working at Gronda have?

There is a life at work but also besides work. We want to offer you an environment which allows you to combine both in the best possible way.


At Gronda you work and live in the middle of the mountains. Climbing, biking, hiking and skiing directly in front of the door.


Be part of an international team and build a global company. In the middle of the capital of the Alps and in the vibrant city of Barcelona.


Working at Gronda is not about a job. It is about living your passion and (with our support) to grow every day. In your profession and as a human.


Honestly, at a large corporation you will get more salary. At the same time we also pay good and with our share programm you can participate in the long-term success of Gronda.

And not to forget we also have a large kitchen where we cook together, there are showers for all bikers and co., yoga and HIIT for relaxing and getting to your limits and other amenities.

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